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Welcome to our RMS Carpathia website. The Carpathia was built by Swan Hunter and was primarily designed for Cunard Line's emigrant service from Europe to New York. She sailed on her maiden voyage on the 5th May 1903 from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown. 
Until 1915, she generally spent the summer on the New York-Liverpool route and the winter on a New York-Trieste route where Cunard served as the Hungarian government's official emigration agent.

However today the Carpathia is one of the most well known Cunard Line ships despite her humdrum service role. The reason for her fame is for her daring role in rescuing the passengers from the Titanic after that ship sank on her maiden voyage. On the 14-15th April 1912, the Carpathia was on one of her regular transatlantic crossings bound from New York to Gibraltar when her radio room received the distress signal from the ill fated Titanic.
On receiving the message the Carpathia used all her power and raced 58 miles through a North Atlantic icefield in response to the sinking Titanic. Although she arrived on scene after Titanic foundered, she successfully rescued all 705 survivors in Titanic's lifeboats and returned them to New York. This was the Carpathia's moment of fame and a legend was born. Today her story lives on and is forever intertwined with that of the Titanic.

The Carpathia then returned to her humdrum life.
But during the First World War on the 17th July 1918 the Carpathia was travelling in convoy, bound for Boston, when she was struck by two torpedoes some 120 miles west of Fastnet. A third torpedo hit the ship as the lifeboats were being manned. Five of the crew were killed by the explosions. The remainder of the crew and the 57 passengers on board were picked up by HMS Snowdrop and safely brought to Liverpool. The Carpathia sadly sank at 12.40am that day. 

This website celebrates the history of this remarkable ship and honours its unique place in maritime history in the story of Cunard Line and Sinking of the Titanic.


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Her Regular Service Route: Great Britain to the United States of America (USA)

Liverpool to New York via Queenstown (now Cobh) "Intermediate" service



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