R.M.S. Q U E E N   E L I Z A B E T H   2
The Most Famous Ocean Liner in the World

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"I name this ship Queen Elizabeth the Second. May God bless her and all who sail in her."

Words of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the Launch Ceremony, 20th September 1967.

Welcome to our RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 website celebrating this world famous transatlantic ocean liner. This website is part of our Cunard Queens website celebrating these renowned ocean liners. The QE2 as she is affectionately known didn’t have the easiest of introductions and her early years were plagued with difficulties. However she improved with age and by the 1980s had build up a strong reputation as one of the finest cruise liners in the world and is now acclaimed as the most famous ocean liner in the world and draws huge crowds wherever she goes.

In 1982 she, like her predecessors, was called up into military service as a troopship during the Falklands War. So she has come through trials and tribulations of her early years and today is a world famous maritime icon and national treasure. Since her introduction in the late 1960s she has been the flagship of the British merchant fleet. During her long career she has broken many records and is renowned for her World Cruises as the RMS Empress of Britain was in the 1930s. In September 2005 she became Cunard's longest serving ship when she surpassed career length of the venerable RMS Scythia. She also single-handedly continued the tradition of the transatlantic ocean liner for 30 years until this mantle was handed on to the new RMS Queen Mary 2 in 2004. However by this time she was beginning to show her age and recently had celebrated the 36th anniversary of her maiden voyage.

In 2007 she departed on her 25th World Cruise (the Silver Jubilee World Cruise) thus marking another notable milestone in her illustrious and record breaking career.
In September 2007 she sailed on a celebratory 40th Anniversary Cruise around the UK calling at Newcastle, Glasgow and Liverpool. She is truly one of the most iconic ocean liners ever built and certainly deserves the title of “The Most Famous Ocean Liner in the World”.

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Dubai - The Wondrous City

On the 18th June 2007 it was announced that in November 2008 she will be retired from service and has been purchased by Dubai World for £50 milllion to become a floating hotel and museum at a specially built berth in The Palm Jumeirah development in Dubai. She will depart Southampton for the final time never to return on the 11th November 2008 on the "QE2 Final Voyage" and leave Britain's shores forever bound for her new home in Dubai where she will arrive on the 27th November 2008. After a brief refurbishment she will open in her new permanent home in 2009. Thus she will be retired with dignity and find honoured retirement at The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai where she will continue to inspire present and future generations.

QE2 40th Birthday Tribute video clip

QE2 arrival in Dubai video clip




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Her Regular Service Route: Great Britain to the United States of America (USA)

Southampton to New York transatlantic service and worldwide cruising



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