RMS Queen Mary and Her Famous Passengers


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HM Queen Mary

HM King George V

HM King Edward VIII (later HRH The Duke of Windsor)

Wallis Simpson, The Duchess of Windsor

HM King George VI

HM Queen Elizabeth (later HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother)

HRH Princess Elizabeth (now HM Queen Elizabeth II)

HRH Princess Margaret Rose

HRH The Duke of Kent

HRH The Duchess of Kent

HRH The Duchess of Gloucester

HRH Prince and Princess Chichibu of Japan

HM The Shah of Persia and Queen Soraya of Persia


Count Rossi of Martini-Rossi

Lord Burghley

Earl Carrick

Countess Carrick

Countess Tilly Caenarvon


Sir Winston Churchill

Walter Gifford (US Ambassador)

Herbert Morrison

General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Mrs Eisenhower

Thomas Dewey, Governor of New York

Stars of Stage and Screen:

Henry Hall

Francis Day

Larry Adler

Sir John Reith

Sir Noel Coward

Johnny Weismuller

H.G. Wells

Bing Crosby

Errol Flynn

Bob Hope

Loretta Young

Gloria Swanson

Elizabeth Taylor

Richard Burton

Gracie Fields

Vladislav Liberace

Rosemary Squires

Spencer Tracy

Victor Mature

David Niven

Greta Garbo

Margaret Lockwood

Johnny Ray

Fred Astaire

Tommy Farr

Eddie Cantor

Sir Charlie Chaplin

Randolf Turpin

Dan Cockell

Walt Disney

Joe Louis

Gus Lesnivitch

Sir Donald Campbell

Cecil Beaton

Matt Busby

David Miller

Other Items:

London red double-decker buses


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