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To the early Cunard travellers, a transatlantic crossing from Europe symbolised the start of their new life in the New World. Soon Cunard transatlantic crossings became a signature of elegance and luxury.

Back in 1842 the Britannia became the first in a long line of distinguished Cunard liners bridging the Old and New Worlds. Three years before The Admiralty had awarded Samuel Cunard the licence to carry mail across the Atlantic, granting his steamships the honoured title RMS (Royal Mail Ship) - a title borne proudly to this day by the Queen Mary 2. Since the opulent 1920s, the crowned heads, Hollywood legends and famous personalities have graced the decks of Cunard ocean liners.  Once it was the only way to cross the Atlantic. Moment gave way to glamorous moment at a leisurely pace. At glittering galas and sumptuous teas, pampered darlings of society rubbed shoulders with the great and the good, with the wealthy and the powerful. Today you can follow in these footsteps and enjoy this unforgettable journey between two great continents.

Despite the arrival of the jet age and the competition from air travel on the North Atlantic, Cunard introduced the legendary RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 in the late 1960s. It was this ship that single handedly continued the renowned transatlantic service until 2004 when replaced by today's iconic Queen Mary 2. Thus the legend of the transatlantic crossing was born. 

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The story of sea travel is very much the story of Cunard. This was the first transatlantic timetabled service between two great continents. Today it is the last. Nothing defines the Cunard Experience more eloquently than the Transatlantic Crossing with its glamorous legacy and historical associatinos as the Queen Mary 2 continues to gloriously uphold the traditions of this classic and timeless journey. It is truly an unforgettable and magical experience.

Today, only one ship regularly sails on the transatlantic crossing: Queen Mary 2. She effortlessly embraces this timeless refinement and relaxation over six legendary days and unforgettable nights as you sail from Southampton to New York in style. Today the Transatlantic Crossing on board the Queen Mary 2 is still the grandest way to reach New York. The Queen Mary 2 magnificently recaptures the gracious style and sophisication of ocean travel's golden age when the ocean liner of yesteryear reigned supreme. As you enter New York world famous harbour, the timeless and unforgettable Manhattan skyline greets you as you sail up the Hudson River under the Verranzo Narrows Bridge on board the famous Queen Mary 2. The sight of the Manhattan skyline rising out of the early morning mist to greet you is a memory that will last forever. This is a timeless journey and is the embodiment of luxury and is the ultimate expression of the Cunard Experience.

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